• Fun!: Learning through an enjoyable environment helps us all absorb concepts quicker
  • Challenging: Becoming better prepared for the tests of life
  • Accountability: Realization of the power of responsibility
  • Alcohol and Drug-Free Lives: Start off on the right foot for a successful future
  • Safe: Our facilitators are educated in the field of substance
    abuse prevention, peer pressure and other obstacles that today’s young person faces
  • Affordability: At The Edge, we strive to provide the best possible services, while acknowledging the fact that today’s family does not have the extra resources to spend on anything unnecessary


  • Knowledge of Material: Attendees have continual access to all educational tools that are used at The Edge while attending the program
  • Accuracy of Understanding: Assessment of the attendee, as to their comprehension of the concepts being taught, throughout the curriculum
  • Ability to Apply Concepts to Everyday Life, Without Hesitation: Take the skills learned through attending The Edge, and start relating them to daily circumstances