MaKing a great-brain

Take advantage of these short years to give students knowledge that will enable them to expand the potential of their own brains, learn about the science behind the brain, and come face-to-face with how their decisions now will influence who they will become!

All over North America, this groundbreaking new course in brain science has been changing lives of students and providing insight and hope in new and exciting ways.

Envisioned by Dr. Daniel Amen while helping his daughter with her homework one evening, he began to question why knowledge of the brain was not being taught to all students in school. After several months of research, writing, and development, Dr. Amen then partnered with the Orange County Department of Education and began a pilot course at a local continuation high school. The outcome of this pilot was such an amazing success.

Dr. Amen then worked closely with Jesse Payne and Jeff Hittenberger (Dean of Education, Vanguard University). After several months of hard work, dedication, and numerous drafts, this curriculum was then field tested at over 30 schools across North America. The results from this field test have been overwhelmingly positive.

Making a Good Brain Great –  is now available to through the Edge Life Skills Centers. The premise of the course revolves around the fact that the adolescent brain is in a crucial development stage during the high school years. The knowledge that teenagers integrate is likely to affect them for the rest of their lives.

This course is divided into 12 sessions, each including an hour of lecture and an hour of lab/activities. The class topics include:

Twelve Unique Session Topics

  • The Brain Is The Supercomputer that Runs Life
  • The Brain Systems of Gender and Judgment
  • The Brain Systems of Mood, Motivation, and Processing
  • Imaging: How to Read the Brain
  • How You Hurt and Help Your Brain
  • When The Brain Struggles: Understanding Mental Illness in Adolescence
  • How to Optimize Your Brain to Perform at Your Best
  • Thinking Strategies to Feel Good
  • Eat Right to Think Right: Neuronal Nutrition
  • Stress Busting Strategies to Calm Your Brain
  • Physical and Mental Workouts for the Brain
  • Loving Your Brain For Life

This comprehensive course is an amazing value for teachers, schools, and parents! This unique curriculum can be used individually or in a variety of courses, from Health, to Science, to Psychology or Life Skills classes.

Here is what some have had to say about Making a Good Brain Great:

“The subjects presented in this course changed the way I see and treat my brain!” – David  – 11th Grade Student

“I loved this class! It has opened doors for me. I think that everyone should take this course!” – Emily – 10th Grade Student

“I am really impressed with this curriculum and the positive and engaged responses from the students.” – Deb – Teacher

“This course was hands-down the most important and enjoyable [course] I have ever taken!” – Chris – 11th Grade Student

“I think that this course is the best class you can ever take! You can take so much information from it and you can do so much with it. Now I can realize when I am harming my brain, and I know how to help my brain! I now know how to correct my ANT’s (Automatic Negative Thoughts), and how I can behave better by realizing what part of the brain I am using! The best thing I learned is that this is your one and only brain, so you need to take care of it right now!” – Rebecca– 9th Grade Student

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